Our services:

We offer companies and organizations a wide range of services in the field of LGBTIQ+ diversity management. This includes LGBTIQ+ Diversity Consulting, Employer Branding and Recruiting as well as Best Practice Exchange with other companies and experts:



The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Audit

The comprehensive audit consists of various categories around LGBTIQ+ Diversity. Due to the holistic approach of the audit, all facets of a good and functioning LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management are examined. The detailed result of the audit reflects the current state of your LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management and thus serves to highlight existing potential and, if necessary, weaknesses. With the knowledge gained, you know exactly where you can effectively start to build up or deepen your LGBTIQ+ commitment. Whoever receives at least 60% of the points can have this certified with the PRIDE Champion employer seal.

PRIDE Champion

The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Seal for Employers

The PRIDE Champion Employer Seal recognises companies and organisations that are champions on the topic of LGBTIQ+ diversity. After an online audit and feedback session, companies that have achieved at least 60% of the points receive the PRIDE Champion Silver seal and companies that have achieved at least 80% of the points receive the PRIDE Champion Gold seal. They thus demonstrate their open, inclusive and appreciative corporate or organisational culture towards LGBTIQ+.


The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index

How open and inclusive are German companies towards LGBTIQ+ employees? Who is succeeding in sustainably building structures for a culture of diversity and where is there still untapped potential?

On December 7, 2022, we will publish the PRIDE Index, the LGBTIQ+ Diversity Performance Index for the second time in a row. Based on four categories and more than 75 questions, our index provides an overview of the LGBTIQ+ diversity commitment of German companies and thus shows who is a diversity champion and where real appreciation can be experienced. In order to do justice to the specific situation of small and medium-sized companies, as well as public institutions, these are presented in a separate index.

UHLALA Consulting

The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Experts

With its many years of experience and expertise, the UHLALA Group cooperates with employers in the further development and implementation of their LGBTIQ+ diversity management. This includes, for example, workshops and trainings, audits and the development of LGBTIQ+ diversity strategies and measures. The level and content of our consulting services is based on the status of the companies and the participants as well as their existing prior knowledge. That way, the individual requirements of employees from operations to high-ranking executives can be addressed.



The LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Programme

PRIDE is not only once a year! With We Stay PRIDE | The LGBTIQ+ Employer Excellence Programme we support our members to live diversity beyond PRIDE month and to communicate this successfully internally & externally. LGBTIQ+ Diversity should be visible and practiced as an integral part of the corporate culture — every day.

Through consulting, exchange of experience and access to a network of LGBTIQ+ diversity-friendly companies, we provide our members with the appropriate tools to work for equal rights and a respectful working environment.




The LGBTIQ+ Job & Career Fair

STICKS & STONES is Europe’s biggest LGBTIQ+ job and career fair. This year, the fair takes place on June 11th at Verti Music Hall in Berlin (since 2009) and on November 5th virtually. STICKS & STONES welcomes all job seekers who are gay, bi, trans, inter, queer or straight allies.

Unicorns in Tech Summit

The Unicorns in Tech Summit follows in the footsteps of the successful Berlin LGBTIQ+ Tech Week. The Summit brings together experts, amateurs, junior and senior-level talent, recruiters, job seekers, and anyone interested in the global LGBTIQ+ tech community for one day.

Unicorns in Tech offers companies the opportunity to support the Summit with a sponsorship. As a sponsor of the Unicorns in Tech Summit, companies will be highlighted in the event’s publicity and will have the opportunity to share their expertise, give presentations or participate in one of the scheduled panels on the day of the event.


by UHLALA Group

PRIDE OFFICE DAY will take place for the first time on October 10th, 2022 and builds on the PRIDE parades of the summer, where we take to the streets as community and straight allies for LGBTIQ+ causes and rights. It builds bridges to our everyday professional lives and focuses on LGBTIQ+ employees in participating companies themselves as well as on their commitment to LGBTIQ+ diversity.

With program points and events in the companies and from the UHLALA Group, PRIDE OFFICE DAY creates a day that makes the LGBTIQ+ commitment of employers visible internally and externally, empowers LGBTIQ+ employees and inspires and brings all employees together.



The LGBTIQ+ Job & Career Platform

Proudr is the job and career platform for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans, inter and queer people. Supporters of LGBTIQ+ are also welcome on the platform. Proudr offers various opportunities to make new professional, get educated on all questions on being queer at work, find job offers and get in touch with LGBTIQ+ friendly employers.


The Global LGBTIQ+ Leadership Community

RAHM brings together the most outstanding future and today’s LGBTIQ+ leaders in the world. Through an innovative contest and network we connect, inspire and support the next generation of out LGBTIQ+ leaders.

Unicorns in Tech

The Global LGBTIQ+ Tech Community

The community is directed to everyone who feels at home in the tech world, works for a technology company, or is simply fascinated by the latest technological inventions or apps. Unicorns in Tech offers its members the opportunity to network and share ideas on the latest trends in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to establish with Unicorns in Tech a network that connects LGBTIQ+ with companies and investors.


The LGBTIQ+ Career Network for Lawyers

By becoming part of ALICE, students, trainees and professionals can inform themselves about LGBTIQ+ friendly employers, find LGBTIQ+ friendly jobs, get law-related news & insights, and connect with each other. Every two years, members, law firms, companies and activists meet at the ALICE Summit.  Proud law firms present themselves there, speakers give talks on legal and LGBTIQ+ topics and the participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better while networking. The network is named after the Cameroonian lawyer and LGBTIQ+ human rights activist Alice Nkom.



The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Conference

Never before has LGBTIQ+ Diversity received so much attention and never before have companies and organisations found it equally difficult to keep track of the issue and strike the right note.

That’s why the UHLALA Group is organising #UNPINKED early next year as a unique, modern and future-oriented event of a different kind. New faces, role models and experts will inspire, discuss and present LGBTIQ+ Diversity, its current trends, challenges and solutions throughout the day. This way the participants will learn how to do LGBTIQ+ Diversity right and how better not to do it.

The third edition of #UNPINKED will take place virtually on September 15th, 2022.


Pride Breakfast Club

The LGBTIQ+ Diversity Get-Together

Our Pride Breakfast Club is an exclusive monthly event kicking off the first week of each month with a nice coffee, networking, and an inspirational talk.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet new potential partners, network and create new opportunities for your business.

Gathering Juniors, Seniors & Executives from every industry and by invitation only, the Pride Breakfast Club is the best way to get in touch with other companies caring about LGBTIQ+ topics and diversity in the workplace.