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The LGBT+ Employer Excellence Programme

PRIDE is not only once a year! With We Stay PRIDE | The LGBT+ Employer Excellence Programme we support our members to live diversity beyond PRIDE month and to communicate this successfully internally & externally. LGBT+ Diversity should be visible and practiced as an integral part of the corporate culture — every day.

Through consulting, exchange of experience and access to a network of LGBT+ diversity-friendly companies, we provide our members with the appropriate tools to work for equal rights and a respectful working environment.



The LGBT+ Job & Career Fair & Platform

STICKS & STONES is Europe’s biggest LGBT+ job and career fair. Every year, the fair takes place in Berlin (since 2009) and Munich (since 2016). It welcomes all job seekers who are gay, bi, and/or trans.

Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week

By Unicorns in Tech

The Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week will take place between the 12th and the 16th of September 2020. With five days of tech events each focusing on a different topic, our participants will have the opportunity to network with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, learn through panels and expert talks but also discover new companies and technologies.

The Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week actively promotes the visibility of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and queer people in the technical and scientific field.


The LGBT+ Diversity Conference

Never before has LGBT+ Diversity received so much attention and never before have companies and organisations found it equally difficult to keep track of the issue and strike the right note.

That’s why the UHLALA Group is organising #UNPINKED early next year as a unique, modern and future-oriented event of a different kind. New faces, role models and experts will inspire, discuss and present LGBT+ Diversity, its current trends, challenges and solutions throughout the day. This way the participants will learn how to do LGBT+ Diversity right and how better not to do it.


Pride Breakfast Club

The LGBT+ Business Get-Together

Our Pride Breakfast Club is an exclusive monthly event kicking off the first week of each month with a nice coffee, networking, and an inspirational talk.

This is the perfect opportunity to meet new potential partners, network and create new opportunities for your business.

Gathering Juniors, Seniors & Executives from every industry and by invitation only, the Pride Breakfast Club is the best way to get in touch with other companies caring about LGBT+ topics and diversity in the workplace.

work it copy_wide

Work IT

By Unicorns in Tech

Work It is the LGBT+ Tech Job Fair. It is a one-day exhibition that takes place on the last day of the Berlin LGBT+ Tech Week, organised by the global LGBT+ Tech Community Unicorns in Tech.

Gathering LGBT+ tech talents with LGBT+ friendly companies, the job fair is the perfect opportunity for you to show your commitment as a company to diversity and inclusion while recruiting new tech talents for your teams.



The LGBT+ Business & Networking Community

Proudr is a career network for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans* and queer people. Supporters of LGBT+ are also welcome in the community. Proudr offers various opportunities to make new professional contacts and find job offers faster. 70 LGBT+ friendly employers are currently active on the platform. For times a year the Proudr LGBT+ After Work Event takes place, where members can network face-to-face in a relaxed atmosphere.


The Global LGBT+ Leadership Community

RAHM brings together the most outstanding future and today’s LGBT+ leaders in the world. Through an innovative contest and network we connect, inspire and support the next generation of out LGBT+ leaders.

Unicorns in Tech

The Global LGBT+ Tech Community

The community is directed to everyone who feels at home in the tech world, works for a technology company, or is simply fascinated by the latest technological inventions or apps. Unicorns in Tech offers its members the opportunity to network and share ideas on the latest trends in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to establish with Unicorns in Tech a network that connects LGBT+ with companies and investors.


The LGBT+ Career Network for Lawyers

By becoming part of ALICE, students, trainees and professionals can inform themselves about LGBT+ friendly employers, find LGBT+ friendly jobs, get law-related news & insights, and connect with each other. Every two years, members, law firms, companies and activists meet at the ALICE Summit. Proud law firms present themselves there, speakers give talks on legal and LGBT+ topics and the participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better while networking. The network is named after the Cameroonian lawyer and LGBT+ human rights activist Alice Nkom.


The Women Leadership Network

PANDA is the women in leadership contest & network. It offers women a platform to exchange and network with other high-potential employees and companies. More than 1.000 women leaders have already joined PANDA.

The goal of PANDA is to increase the visibility of talented women, provide them with a strong network, a platform for exchange and inspiration for their personal development. In addition, PANDA brings the participants together with the companies and organisations and offers them new jobs and opportunities.


PRIDE Champion

The LGBT+ Diversity Seal for Companies and Organisations

Companies and organisations that cultivate an open, inclusive and appreciative company/organisation culture that welcomes LGBT+ employees can receive the seal “PRIDE Champion”.

Employers are required to take part in an audit focussed on LGBT+ diversity management through which processes, requirements and company regulations are examined.


The LGBT+ Diversity Audit

The comprehensive audit consists of various categories around LGBT+ Diversity. Due to the holistic approach of the audit, all facets of a good and functioning LGBT+ Diversity Management are examined. The detailed result of the audit reflects the current state of your LGBT+ Diversity Management and thus serves to highlight existing potential and, if necessary, weaknesses. With the knowledge gained, you know exactly where you can effectively start to build up or deepen your LGBT+ commitment. Whoever receives at least 60% of the points can have this certified with the PRIDE Champion employer seal.

DAX LGBT+ Diversity Index

The DAX LGBT+ Diversity Index was first published on 11 December 2019. It showcases how strongly DAX 30 companies value LGBT+ people through an open corporate culture. For this purpose, the LGBT+ Diversity Engagement of all DAX 30 companies was evaluated in 10 different categories. The questionnaire contains questions on diversity management, measures and projects for LGBT+, public relations, internal company structures and guidelines, among others. The answers of all DAX 30 companies and the ranking are published in online and print media and on the UHLALA Group website.

Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index

Which educational institutions in the DACH region are already implementing measures to promote an LGBTIQ+ inclusive campus culture? Where are LGBTIQ+ students and straight allies supported, valued, encouraged and optimally prepared for professional life? Where do the more than two hundred thousand high school graduates who are searching for the ideal university location and course of study for them and the 3,525,175 enrolled students receive information about the LGBTIQ+ commitment of the various educational institutions?

For the first time, we, the UHLALA Group, are offering all state-recognised institutions of higher education in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the opportunity to take a snapshot of the current state of their LGBTIQ+ diversity engagement. We will publish the results in our Proudr LGBTIQ+ Campus Index on 1 June 2021.