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Welcome to Uhlala

Since 2009 we have been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT people in their career and brought them together with companies and organizations that take a stand for LGBT diversity. We pursue this goal with different projects.

Since 2013 we have also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Our project PANDA supports talented women, brings them together and gives them a chance to develop and get in contact with companies.

Our Projects


The LGBT Job & Career Fair

STICKS & STONES is the digital job and career platform for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trans*people who strive for career development. Our online presence contains everything concerning LGBT and career: opportunities for professional development such as career tips, coaching and counselling, a job board, a community, various networks and much more.

Its job and career fair, also called STICKS & STONES, is Europe’s biggest LGBT job and career fair. Every year, the fair takes place in Berlin (since 2009) and Munich (since 2016). It welcomes all job seekers who are gay, bi, and/or trans*.


The Global LGBT Leadership Contest & Community

RAHM brings together the most outstanding future + today’s LGBT leaders in the world. 

Through an innovative contest and network we connect, inspire and support the next generation of out LGBT leaders.

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The Global Tech Community for LGBT and Straight Allies

The Community is directed to everyone who feels at home in the tech world, works for a technology company, or is simply fascinated by the latest technological inventions or apps.

UNICORNS IN TECH offers all the community members the opportunity to network and share ideas on the latest trends in a relaxed atmosphere. We want to establish with UNICORNS IN TECH a network that connects LGBT with companies and investors.


The International LGBT Tech Summit

The Global LGBT Tech & Science Conference

#UNIT is an international tech conference with more than 1,000 participants, 50 speakers and more than 10 themes on digital trends. Our participants can network with other people in a relaxed atmosphere and get inspired by the talks, music, performances and installations.

#UNIT actively promotes the visibility of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans * and intersex in the technical and scientific field.

Pride Uhlala


The LGBT employer seal for proud companies and organisations

Companies and organisations that cultivate an open, inclusive and appreciative company/organisation culture that welcomes LGBT employees can receive the seal „PRIDE 500 | Germany’s proudest employers“.

The employer seal is awarded by the LGBT job and career platform STICKS & STONES and Aktionsbündnis gegen Homophobie e. V.. Employers are required to take part in an audit focussed on LGBT diversity management through which processes, requirements and company regulations are examined.



LGBT Lawyers Network

ALICE is Europe’s largest network of LGBT lawyers. Students, trainees and professionals exchange ideas on legal issues and work together for LGBT rights. We offer our members a platform to connect with each other and get in touch with law firms and companies online as well as offline.

Every two years, members, companies and activists meet at the ALICE Summit. Proud law firms present themselves there, speakers give talks on legal and LGBT topics and the participants have the opportunity to get to know each other better while networking.

The network is named after the Cameroonian lawyer and LGBT human rights activist Alice Nkom.


The Women Leadership Contest

PANDA is the women in leadership contest & network. It offers women a platform to exchange and network with other high-potential employees and companies. More than 1.000 women leaders have already joined PANDA.

The goal of PANDA is to increase the visibility of talented women, provide them with a strong network, a platform for exchange and inspiration for their personal development. In addition, PANDA brings the participants together with the companies and organizations and offers them new jobs and opportunities.